Fistful of coins’ mission

Fisrful of coins providing solutions to incentivize and enable use of cryptocurrency

Initial goals: 

  • To offer accessible incentive to start using bitcoin, by providing automated software to take advantage of profit opportunities with arbitrage, trading, and mining tools for the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • Reduce risks of holding and using cryptocurrency with portfolio management, and implementing secure schemes in hardware wallets to spend them.
  • Providing an open marketplace to exchange trading and mining strategies.


Banks print money, arbitrate currencies, provide contracts, and provide “security” to customer’s financial assets. Often taking advantage of their direct access and control of currency supply, customer funds and currency exchange markets. This offers greater stability to government issued currencies. Bitcoin because of it’s distributed “decentralized” nature provides individuals the opportunity to engage in each of these activities, without any particular advantage. However, participation has a certain technical barrier of entry.

One consequence of it’s decentraltiion is high volatility. By providing the tools to participate in these activities fistful of coins hopes to help distribute the cryptocurrency ecosystem even further, making each and every user capable of being their own bank, without necessarily having advanced technical knowledge.

By taking advantage of the ease of access to bitcoin through cryptocurrencies, widening user base, and ease of access to markets through the internet.


We hope to widen the user base of bitcoin and cryptocurrency users, strengthening not only the bitcoin network, stabilizing it’s value, and providing new incentive to participate in it’s growth, as well as increasing ease of use. All this while keeping in mind the decentralized goal of bitcoin, and encouraging competition.

Note: Security information and education will also be provided.

Products (cheap, free of charge, or one time fee):

  • Turnkey arbitrage tools (In beta development)
  • Distributed mining strategies and tools (Several developments complete, continuous development of more methods)
  • Market place for exchange of the above strategies, in the form of packages.
  • Engaging the user base.

Encouraging real world use (longer term/secondary goals):

  • Personal hardware wallets building guides (Planning)
  • Cryptocurrency ATM’s
  • Open source, or distributed exchanges
  • Contracts exchange

When bitcoin grows uniformly, everyone profits. That is why we thrive to allow anyone to take advantage of these tools and compete organically.

Software solutions for distributed banking